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The sun is setting on a meadow and a deer is drinking from a fountain, appearing from nowhere, a mysterious stranger walks up to you to read your future. Listen to her words, throw a wish in the clear water and go on a magic journey to get closer to your soul. Our jewelry is the ticket for this beautiful universe carried by white magic and fueled by centuries old legends.

The name La Fontana, derived from our founder Mara Lafontan, is a reference to her ancestors and to the mythical history of the fountain. Whether it is the Fountain of Youth, if you wish to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain or simply to quench your thirst on a hot day, fountains have been the center of many legends and promise prosperity, youth and purity to those who wander nearby. It is not by accident that this name was chosen, La Fontana’s calling is to pass on good vibrations and soothe everyday’s troubles.

The witch's soul

Born in a spiritual family and convinced that the eye cannot see it all, Mara Lafontan has believed from the earliest days that she was a witch. Her fascination for the occult has led her to collect stones, feathers and herbs for her own rituals. This strong spiritual mindset has followed her along the years. It was her deepest calling to create her own universe made of mysticism and magic to share it with the world and those who resonate with it.

Designed in France by Mara herself and made in Thailand ouf of unique molds, La Fontana jewelry favors authenticity above all. The plating of our jewelry is made in Europe from 90% recycled gold. We care about Human rights and the environment, therefore we chose REACH certified factories to ensure respectful working conditions for all. We also have a production site member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).

Get your ticket for a mystical journey. Each of our jewelry pieces has the power to take you on a symbolic journey. They have been conceived to heal specific aches. Our jewelry is meant to make you practice connection with yourself, others and the universe. 

When designing her jewelry, Mara Lafontan first had in mind the power and benefits of the product. Each of them carries a particular symbolic story that is being told through the gems she curated.