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  • The Moon Foulard
  • The Moon Foulard
  • The Moon Foulard

The Moon Foulard

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She pulls the tides to her, forces us to sleepless nights when she shines full above our heads, she makes us bleed, she holds our secrets, she knows but never tells. At night, anything becomes more terrifying and our deepest fears come out alive until the sun shall heal these unseen wounds. Therefore, the eighteenth card of the tarot is the one that sings about emotions, inner movements and turmoils, what is unseen and undiscovered yet. When pulled upright, the moon is a foreteller of anxiety to come, subconscious fears and delusion. Reversed, the reader shall find ways to overcome their fears and gain clarity in the mess of emotions that prevents us from deciphering intuition from the voices in our heads.

The moon has a violent emotional weight, it is a heavy card to pull because it aims right at the centre of our psyche and goes through layers and layers of difficult feelings and tricks of the mind to conceal “it”, the primal untold instance of the self.  With the moon you’re asked to look at all the hurt you’ve been carrying without addressing its source. 

Material: Viscose Satin 

Size: 65x135cm 

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Created by: LA FONTANA x Lea pastier


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